Factors That May Lead to Depression in Life


While many of us tend to overlook depression, it is very critical to know that depression is a potential life threatening health issue as an undiagnosed or untreated depression may give rise to suicide tendency in individuals.

To help you save yourself or a loved one from the clutches of depression let’s take a look into the major reasons that lead to depression in individuals.

1)   Conflicts

Personal or professional conflicts may lead to depression. Therefore, if you or a loved one is also facing conflicts that are causing psychological pressure then you may also be at a risk of developing depression.

2)   Medications

Certain medications are also known to increase risk of depression in individuals including the ones that are used for the treatment of blood pressure, reserpine, beta-blockers etc.

3)   Death/Loss

Death of a loved one or the loss of relationship can also lead to depression in individuals.

4)   Major Life Events

Major life events can also lead to depression in life like losing a job, retirement, frequent transfers/postings etc

5)   Abuse

Physical, emotion and other abuse can also lead to depression both at an earlier and later stage of life.

6)   Illness

Sometimes serious and major illness can also lead to depression in individuals.

7)   Genetic

Like other diseases which are passed though genes, depression in certain individuals is also associated with genetic factor.

8)   Social Anxieties

Social anxieties are also associated with depression. People who are cut off from the society are also at increased risk of depression.

9)   Substance Abuse

Research suggests that substance abuse can also increase risk of depression.

These are the top factors that may give rise to depression. Therefore, if you or a loved one is also facing one or more of these risk factors and of late are noticing irritability, persistent sadness and hopelessness then we suggest that you consider reaching out to a medical professional.


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