Facing the Future with Hope and Confidence


We all need to face the future with hope and confidence. Facing the future with hope is easy to say.

However, doing the facing is hard to do when we know we have a limited earthly future. In our belief and in our faith, we trust at the end of our earthly road is a mansion built for us by our loving almighty. We can be confident and sure of our eternity in spite of an earthly end to our life. We can have a future full of hope and confidence because we know within us; HE is waiting for us just across the way.

In our life, we can live with a heart full of hope and a mind full of confidence because HIS sure hand rests upon us. HIS love uplifts us directly into the gates of Heaven. No matter what kind of disaster may strike us in the here and now, or in the future, HE is with us. HE is with us now and forever. We can indeed, face the future with hope and confidence.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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