Every Little Prayer


HE hears you. HE knows you. HE understands you. HE answers every one of your prayers in some way. Sometimes HE answers prayers directly. Sometimes HE answers prayers indirectly. Sometimes HE answers prayers in time and in space, we know nothing about.

Because HE always hears your prayer, even your littlest prayer is important. You may not see HIM hearing. You may not see HIM answering. You may never, in this life, ever see the fruit of your labor in prayer.

However, every little effort, even the smallest of little efforts in prayer are held in HIS heart. When you pray a little prayer, your whole world can change because of HIS response. When you pray a little prayer, even the impossible can roll out before you as possible. In every circumstance, you can pray a little prayer.

In every moment of joy and grief, you can reach up to HIM who constantly knows, hears, understands, and accepts the smallest of prayerful efforts. We must not always pray to get an answer. We must always pray to give HIM a reason to answer in whatever way HE chooses.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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