Erasing the disappointment


People suffer the disappointment of crushed dreams. People suffer the disappointment of dashed hopes. People suffer the disappointment of seeking but never finding.

In these kinds of disappointments, memory remains but the hurt from the disappointment can be healed. However, for some people, because of the way HE made their soul, taking risks, even with the bitterness of disappointment, is better than never trying.

For some, even with bitter disappointment, it is better to have a hundred attempts and a hundred failures than no attempts at all. No matter whom you are or what you are like, HE is not blessed when you do not make attempts. In addition, what may be a disappointment to you may be a victory for HIM. HIS ways are mysterious.

However, we know for certain HE can bring victory out of defeat even if we do not know how HE delivers the victory. We know for certain HE has a way of bringing HIS victorious light into the darkness. So instead of worrying about erasing your disappointments, keep going. The best cure for disappointment is hope and an effort to make things happen. Then when you make an effort to make things happen, make things happen only for HIM rather than yourself.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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