The End of an Era: Raheel Shareef all set to Retire on 29 November, 2016

Pakistan Army Chief of Staff General Raheel Sharif gestures after arriving at Bandaranaike International Airport in Katunayake near Colombo on June 5, 2015. General Sharif is on a four-day official visit to Sri Lanka. AFP PHOTO / ISHARA S. KODIKARA

It seems that despite the nation’s wish Genral Raheel Shareef has decided to retire on his retirement date. Let’s face it the nation did not want Raheel Shareef to retire.

Raheel Shareef looked after it all personally whether it was the China Pakistan Economic Corridor or whether it was the Karachi Operation that restored peace to Karachi he seemed personally engaged on all fronts.

It was under him that militancy from Pakistan was wiped out with the launch of the operation Zarb-e-Azb something that was not easy. To make it possible he also bore immense political pressure. However, he clearly refused to give in to the pressure and made sure that the operation continued unhindered. He even went on as far as to uncover the link between terror and terror financing a step which ruffled quite a few feathers politically. However, with the nation firmly behind him he continued.

Whether it was national tragedies or whether it was national days the General was always among his people. During his tenure 14th August every year would witness historic sales as people had begun to own Pakistan more than ever.

National tragedies would witness him as the first person to show up on the tragedy stricken area despite of all the looming security threats similarly national events would see him celebrating with his people. To mark these events he often went to the tribal areas and played cricket with his people.

It is no secret that the nation wanted him to stay and so did Pakistan’s ally China but the General was determined to keep his word and retire on the due date.

Since the nation is not left with any option but to bid him farewell here is bidding him good bye. The nation loves you Sir and even if you cannot see it needs you.


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