Eat Salads for Health, Weight Loss and Beauty.


Yes! You read it right salad can do it all for you. Whether you are a health conscious person who is not prepared to compromise on the quality of the food you eat or whether you are looking to lose weight and get in shape, salads are the perfect food for you.

Similarly, we all long to have that healthy glow on our skin and it seems that there is nothing better than a bowl of salad to do the trick for you.

Salad Bowl

Let’s see what you can include in your salad bowl. Your salad bowl may include everything right from fresh vegetables, fresh fruits to beans, corn and chickpeas. Consider adding all your favorite vegetables including cucumber, carrots, peas, celery etc along with your favorite fruits to enhance the flavor of your salad. There are many who love the taste of apples, kiwis, mangoes, strawberries, oranges, cherries and even banana in their salad bowl to lend it a sweet taste.

Consider adding corns, chick peas, beans, boiled chicken pieces, boiled eggs and fish to your salad bowl to make it more fulfilling along with making it healthier and tastier.

However, if you are the one who does not enjoy mixing fruits and vegetables in the salad bowl then consider making separate salad bowls of both

To conclude, feel free to add anything that you enjoy and relish eating to you salad bowl as the idea is to eat healthy. Now let’s take a look into how to make a healthy and delicious salad dressing for your salad.

Salad Dressing

Do not make the mistake of adding the commercially available market salad dressing to your salad. The salad dressing available in the market is loaded with unhealthy fats, sugar, chemicals, preservatives and flavor enhancers. On the other hand make your own salad dressing with the help of the salad vinegar, honey, extra virgin olive oil and herbs. Mix all these in a blender to form a healthy and delicious salad dressing for your salad.

Thus, the next time you resolve to eat healthy don’t forget to add salad bowl to your meals.


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