Easy and Affordable Make Over Ideas for your Bedroom


If you, like the many of us, have begun to feel a little bored of your present bedroom decor and feel that a little makeover can help your bedroom look better then we can indeed be of help to you.

However, your bedroom make over does not necessarily have to be an expensive process. To help render it within the reach of all, below we will take a look into top easy and affordable ways to makeover your bedroom.

1)   Window Treatment

Window treatment can help make all the difference in your bedroom makeover. If you wish to give your room a spacious look then consider opting for sheer curtains which allow more sunlight to enter your room.  Similarly, if you feel that you have gone a little bored of curtains then you can also consider opting for blinds, shades, window casings, shutters etc.

2)   Wall Paper/ Paint

Consider adding a new wall paper or painting your room in a new color. However, irrespective of the option you opt for make sure you match and align it with your window treatment.

3)   Add a Rug

A well-chosen rug can help make all the difference in your room. Therefore, add a rug to your bedroom. However, let it gel with your walls and your window treatment as well.

4)   Add a Lamp

Add a lamp to your room and you are sure to transform the look of your bedroom.

5)   Add Art Piece/ Flowers

Consider adding an art piece or flowers to your room. You can also consider adding artificial flowers to your room.

6)   Add the Memories that you cherish

Are there any memories that mean lot to you and you cherish them a lot? Then add those memories to your room. Whether it is pictures or other souvenirs add these to your room.


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