Dress Code for Workplace


Your dress speaks volume about you. Therefore, it is important that you follow just the right dress code at your workplace. To help you wear just the right looks at workplace this article will take a brief look into the dress code you should follow at your workplace.

1)   Neat, Tidy, Pressed and Reasonably Fit

Remember you are not expected to show up at your workplace as if you are coming to a social event. At the best you are supposed to look like a professional. Therefore, make sure your dress is neat, tidy, pressed, wrinkle-free and reasonably fit.

Though nobody suggests that you wear body hugging dress to workplace but this also does not mean that you show up shabbily dressed at your workplace too. Therefore, make sure that wear crisp, reasonable fit and wrinkle free dress to your workplace.

2)   Wear your hair properly

A similar code applies to your hair. Therefore, wear your hair in an appropriate manner. Avoid wearing your hair in a stylish manner and adding a lot of decorative pins to it. Wear your hair simply yet elegantly so you may give off a professional look.

3)   Avoid Wearing Strong Perfumes

Avoid wearing strong perfumes in workplace. Consider using perfumes with light smells and appropriate undertones.

4)   Shoes

Shoes are another factor to look into. Ladies should avoid wearing high heels to workplace while men should better stick with leather shoes. However, irrelevant of what you wear make sure that your shoes do not make any kind of sound. Besides, your shoes should always be polished and tidy. Avoid wearing worn out shoes in workplace as these give off an unprofessional look.

5)   Wear Watch

Wear watch to workplace as besides being one of the most workable workplace accessory, watches also helps impart professional look to people.



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