Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan: The Man Nation Pakistan is Deeply Indebted too


There are certain individuals that a nation as a whole is deeply indebted too these mostly being the fore founders of the country. However, there are certain individuals whose contribution to a nation lies in corroborating the efforts of the fore founders of the country and lending the nation the means to continue to exist on the world map.

No doubt when Pakistanis think of Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan he is the man Pakistan and the nation Pakistan, by the grace of God, owe their survival and existence to.

Pakistan is the only Islamic Country in the world that holds the honor of being an Islamic nuclear nation. However, let’s not forget that Pakistan was pushed rather forced into becoming a nuclear state courtesy the threat of its neighbor. With its neighboring country army on Pakistan’s border and ready to invade Pakistan within a matter of mere hours Pakistan was forced to test its nuclear bomb and declare its nuclear power.

It is no secret that Pakistan by the grace of God owes its nuclear technology to none other than Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan and it seems that none in this nation can supersede the love the nation has for him.

Polls suggest that Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan is the most loved person in Pakistan. Who can forget how people flocked to the hospital where Dr. Abdul Qadir was going through a treatment after his brief encounter with cancer. Nation Pakistan love for him can be comprehended from the fact that the hospital actually had to issue a press release requesting people not to visit Dr. Khan as the hospital was facing immense administrative problems owing to the influx of a large number of people who wanted nothing but a glimpse of their hero and know of his well-being.

If the love of this nation is unhindered for him so is the dedication of this man to this nation. Though you would expect a person of his stature to lead a comfortable life many would be surprised to know that Dr. A.Q Khan leads a very simple life. Neither accomplishments nor the honor of being one of the world’s most distinguished and successful scientists has gone onto his head and he chooses to lead a very simple life just like that of an average Pakistani.

Despite of having witnessed it all love, respect, admiration, honors, achievements, awards, success, fame and a wonderful personal life Dr. Abdul Qadeer Khan continues to inspire his nation and rule the hearts of his people with his down to earth nature and demeanor.


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