Dealing with Frustration


Well let’s admit it we are all frustrated at one thing or the other in life. Frustration has become such a common phenomenon all over the world that it is no longer restricted to a few individuals or nations. It seems that we all have our own reasons to be frustrated about.

However, irrespective of your frustration reasons you need to know that your frustration only tells upon you and not others. Therefore, you need to deal with it before it gets the better of you and turn you into a frustrated individual.

Remember the first step towards dealing with a problem is to identify that it exists. Once you admit that you are facing frustration and all it is doing is to harm you the next step is to look into ways to deal with it.

1)   Focus on the Present

We all tend to live either in our past or our future but seldom in the present. Undoubtedly, this is one of the many reasons that we fall prey to emotional issues like anxiety, depression and frustration. Remember that we cannot go on to amend our past and have no control over our future. Therefore, fretting about it is not going to help and as most of our frustrations have their roots in either our past or future so try to live in the present.

2)   Is There Any Thing that you can be Happy and Thankful for? Focus on that

Is there anything that you can be happy about and thankful for? Anything! If the answer is yes then focus your attention on it and divert your mind from the rest. Though it may take long to develop this habit yet the effort is worth it if it can help you feel better.

3)   Distract Your Thoughts

If you cannot solve something at least try to avoid it; similarly, if you cannot help the situation at least distract your attention from it.


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