How to Deal With a Difficult Boss


Workplace stress is known to have an adverse effect on your physical, mental and emotional health. Having a difficult boss with a volatile temperature you fail to get along with can zap your energy.

If you are also facing a similar situation then below we will take a look into the top ways to deal with a difficult boss.

1)   Look into Your Own self First and Refrain from taking it personally

The first thing you should look into when dealing with a difficult boss is not your boss but your own self. Therefore, refrain from taking things personally. Since most of the times your boss difficult attitude has nothing to do with you so taking things personally is the last way to deal with the situation.

2)   Look into Your Boss Behavior Patterns and Identify what Triggers His Outbursts

Since you have to deal with your boss, so looking into his behavior patterns and triggers is not an option. You will have to make efforts to look and identify his behavior. Are there any specific triggers that lead to his outbursts? It is worthwhile to take a look into his medical issues as well as elevated blood pressure level also lead people to behave more aggressively than they normally do. Therefore, look into it all.

3)   Determine your Own Behavior and Responses Accordingly

Once you have identified your boss behavior patterns and identified his triggers it is now time to adapt. A better strategy for you would be to adjust your own responses and behavior accordingly.

4)   Practice Calm

Make it a point to stay calm at least when your boss is in a bad mood or is yelling at you. The best way to deal with the situation is to excuse yourself from the room as early as possible so you may not give him the opportunity to take it out on you. Refrain from explanations and excuses as well as it will only further aggravate the situation. Remember if you resort to reacting too it will make things further worse. Therefore, bring up the subject with your boss later at a time when he looks calmer.

Remember it is best to explain your anger/frustration/feelings than expressing them. Therefore, wait for the right time to bring your concerns to your boss.

5)   Make Sure Your Boss does not feel Threatened in any Way

Make sure that you never make your boss feel threatened. Anything that makes your boss feel threatened will only aggravate him further and make things worse for you.  Rather focus your efforts on showing your gratitude for extending co-operation to you whenever it is due.

6)   Decide Whether or Not Efforts are worth it

Once you have made all the efforts to understand and deal with your boss and even help him out it is time to decide whether or not all the efforts are worth it. If your relations stay strained despite all your efforts and you are experiencing work place stress beyond the acceptable limits then it is time to move on from the workplace.


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