Creativity – Innovation


With the constant evolution of technology and an ever growing competition businesses it seems have a new challenge to counter every day. Constant improvement and innovation is among the most feasible solutions that businesses turn to in the face of fierce competition.

Today, organizations prefer work force that has the potential to offer them innovative solutions which makes innovation a sought after skill by businesses. If you think that innovative people are born innovative then you are not entirely correct as the innovation skill can always be cultivated inside you.

If you are also the one who is on look out for ways to be become innovative then below we will take a look into the top ways to help you think and become more innovative.

1)   Remove Self-Limiting Inhibitions

It is often said that the only person standing in your way is you yourself. So what does this mean? It means that more than often we are prisoners of our own thoughts, our own self-imposed constraints and most importantly our habits.

The first step towards being a more innovative you is to remove the self-limiting inhibitions that you have imposed on yourself consciously or unconsciously.

2)   Overcome your Fear of Failure

If there is one thing which holds you from experimenting or trying out something new it is the fear of failure. The fact is that we as humans are prisoners of our habits, prefer familiarity and dread change.

Being innovative requires that that you overcome your fear of failure and overcome your hesitation of trying out new things or new ways.

3)   Change your Environment and Routine Once in a While

Avoid the urge of sticking to a routine life and following the routine ways. In short do not become a prisoner of your habits and environment and consider changing it once in a while. Try doing things in a new way rather than sticking to your old and conventional ways of carrying out things.

4)   Be Open to Taking Risks and Making Mistakes

Are you a risk-averse person? Many times our risk-aversion stems from the fear of making mistakes. However, what matters is how you look at these mistakes. Mistakes can also be looked upon as part of the learning process which helps you grow and evolve ultimately leading you to success.

Therefore, do not be afraid of making mistakes and taking risks. Though you can undertake all what it takes to minimize the risk yet refrain from the thought of avoiding risks at all costs if you are to grow, evolve and innovate.

5)   Be Curios

Most of the innovators who have changed the world with their innovations had one trait in common i.e. curiosity. They were curious about finding new and improved ways of doing things. Innovative people are known to be curious and have a willingness to try out things in new ways rather than adhering to old and conventional ways.

6)   Willingness

Another trait common to innovative individuals is their willingness to try out new things and in new ways.

7)   Observe

Innovations just do not come out of nowhere as innovative people are known to be good observers and take inspirations from their observations.

8)   Persistence

Persistence is another integral factor associated with innovation. Though you may have talent and even willingness yet if you are devoid of the trait of persistence things many not work out as things take time to shape out. Persistence in turn requires that you have patience and determination to continue to stand in the face of adversity, mistakes and even failure.


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