Creativity – Design Sense


Design sense is defined as the ability to plan the functionality or final look of something before it is made. In the organizational sense, design sense is defined as the ability and awareness of an individual to meet consumer needs and provide customer value thereby converting the consumer need into consumer demand.

Alternatively, it is also defined as the creative thinking process and the ability to focus on solutions rather than focusing on problems.


1)   Observe

People who have a good design sense have a good observation. People in all fields are known to learn by observation. However, do not think that observation is merely limited to visual observation as being a good observer requires that you employ all your senses to observe, identify and learn.

2)   Look for Inspirations

We all need to be inspired and inspirations are all around us. Therefore, look for inspirations around you. Even the experts of the field need inspirations to bring out the best in them.

Do not make the mistake of underestimating the power of inspiration in life and the impact it has on your work.

3)   Be Inquisitive

One of the traits of creative people is their inquisitiveness. Yes! Creative people are inquisitive and are always on look out for ideas and inspirations.

4)   Be Eager and Curious

Design sense requires that you have the eagerness and curiosity to learn. However, the traits of curiosity and eagerness are not strictly for people who engage in creative work as anyone who wishes to progress should have eagerness and curiosity that would help propel them forward and prevent them from stagnancy.


5)   Pay Attention to Color Scheme

An aesthetic color scheme is often the first feature that catches attention. It would be important to note here that psychology suggests that colors play an important role in establishing a connection between your audiences and you. Therefore, make sure that you pay attention to color scheme as a means to establish an instant connection with your audiences.


6)   Seek Balance and Harmony

Irrespective of what you come up with make sure that it has an overall balance and harmony. Too much or too little of anything will jeopardize balance and harmony and sabotage your efforts of striking just the right chord with your audiences.

7)   Make Wise use of Space

Utilize the space effectively. The white space is the area that does not offer information and is also regarded as negative space as compared to the positive space that offers information. Though it is regarded as white space it does not mean that it has to be white. Utilize the space effectively and in a manner that it looks easy on the eye.

8)   Pay Attention to Details

Be meticulous in whatever you do. Remember you have but little time to make an impression on the mind of others. Therefore, pay attention to each and every detail to utilize it to your fullest advantage and make the maximum impression.

9)   Be Open to Feed Back and Criticism

Be open to feedback and criticism. Develop the ability to take criticism graciously and calmly so people may feel encouraged to share honest opinions with you.


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