Creativity – Artistic Sense


Artistic sense as a skill stands for an individual’s ability of being creative in work. It is the ability to explore, experiment and going beyond the conventional thinking and actions.

Artistic person has the ability to look at the world and the people in a manner which is different than those of others. Besides, these also have the insight to identify something extraordinary even in the most ordinary situations, people, events and environments etc.

People who are blessed with artistic sense have the ability to see, understand, analyze and describe things in a better way which is far more effective than those who do not possess this skill. To put in simple words they are blessed with an insight which extends far beyond than what their eyes can see and what their ears can hear.

The Significance of Artistic Sense for Organizations

Artistic sense holds a lot of significance for businesses especially in the present era. Let’s take a look into the significance of artistic sense for businesses.

·        Encourages Creativity and Innovation

People with artistic sense are known to create an environment which fosters creativity and innovation. Today, organizations are known to value human resource that can bring in creativity and innovation in the face of fierce competition and highly volatile business environment.

·        Helps Bring Out the Best in People and Environment

Individuals who are blessed with artistic sense can help bring out the best in people and environment. These people are naturally gifted with the ability to identify hidden talent in people, encourage and motivate them and thus bring out the best in them.

·        Deliver Extra Ordinary Results

People with artistic sense have the ability to deliver extra ordinary results by identifying the hidden talent of others, motivating them to perform at their optimal and thus bringing out the best in them.

Tips to Boost Artistic Sense

·        Increase your Tolerance for Ambiguity

If you wish to boost your artistic sense then increase your tolerance for ambiguity. We all have a preference for certainty and resist ambiguity and uncertainty. However, boosting your artistic skill requires that you develop the willingness to thrive in ambiguity and uncertainty.

·        Broaden your Observation

Broadening your observation requires that you broaden your observation much beyond than your eye sight and your ability to hear. This requires that you have the skill and ability to observe, identify and read much beyond than what is apparent to the eye and audible to the ear.

·        Develop a Holistic Approach

Develop a holistic approach. Make yourself someone who is able to connect dots, encourage, foster and embrace new ideas and unconventionality.

·        Read People

Develop the ability to read people rather than only looking at them or observing them. Reading people is different than looking only at what is apparent to the eye and being able to understand more than what is audible to the ears.


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