Coping with Workplace Stress

frustrated young business man working on laptop computer at office

Stress is very deteriorative for human health and performance as stress in the long run can lead to serious physical, mental and emotional health issues.

For all those who are suffering from workplace stress, this article will take a brief look into the top ways to cope with it.

1)   Identify and Track your Stressors

The first step towards coping with workplace stress is to identify your stress triggers. Maintain a journal of what lead to the feelings of stress at workplace. Do not forget to record how you reacted to the situation along with adequate information about the environment that was the backdrop of the stressful situation.

2)   Do Not Fall Prey to Unhealthy Stress Coping Methods

Remember that we are all prone to falling prey to unhealthy stress coping methods. Therefore, make sure you do not fall prey to these including indulging in comfort foods, smoking excessively and increasing your caffeine intake.

3)   Develop Healthy Responses

Once you have avoided the temptation to fall prey to unhealthy stress coping methods, it is now time to turn to the healthy stress coping methods in life. Do you know that even walking can help reduce stress level? Therefore, take out a little time to walk and if you like to walk in parks then by all means head to the park with your friend or family to enjoy your walk.

Similarly, you can also consider socialization, meditation and other forms of healthy responses as a means to cope with stress.

4)   Take Adequate Sleep

Sleep deprivation is not only among the leading causes of stress but is also among the factors that can worsen your stress level. Therefore, make sure that you take adequate sleep.

5)   Inform Your Supervisor of the Situation

Since you are experiencing stress it is sure to be reflecting on your behavior and performance and if measures are not taken it may soon start reflecting upon your work place attendance as well.

Therefore, it is no use keeping things back from your supervisor or your immediate reporting authority. However, make sure that the focus of your discussion is not complaining about the situation rather it is only to discuss and bringing into his/her attention the problems you are facing.



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