Communication Skills – Visual Communication


Visual communication in the simplest words means communicating through images, symbols, illustrations, drawings, graphic illustrations, animations, graphic design, visual aids, charts, computer graphics and signs etc. In other words it can be termed as communication of information through the visual display of information rather than communicating it through words, physical communication or your body language.

In visual communication the recipient can both read and look at the provided information to understand the message which is being conveyed through the visuals. Since the visual information solely relies on vision it means that you can get the message through by simply having your audience look at it.

Visual communication is used extensively not only as a means to guide for e.g. traffic signs but also for leaving deep impressions.

Benefits of Visual Communication

There are many benefits of visual communication some of which are

·        Quick

Visual communication is an utmost quick manner of getting the message through. When faced with the need of delivering your message across quickly visual communication is just the means of communication to resort to.

·        Flexibility

Visual communication offers a lot of flexibility and is also considered ideal for cross cultural communication. Therefore, visual communication is most commonly used in order to overcome the language barriers and obstacles that exist between people of different cultures.

Ease is another factor associated with visual communication. Without occupying too much space, without elaborating too much and without requiring too much of budget visual communication offers the ease to guide, communicate and advertise.

·        Pleasant

Visual communication is pleasant no doubt people experience a lasting impression. Therefore, all those who are looking forward to leave a lasting impression and associate a visual with their communication would be better off with a form of visual communication.



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