Communication Skills – Story Telling


Of course you wish to engage your audience and obtain their trust then story telling is just the communication tool that can help you do that.

So what is the significance of storytelling as a communication tool?

  • Helps you entice target audience
  • Helps you catch and engage the attention of your target audience
  • Allow you to connect with your audiences
  • Helps your audiences to identify with you
  • Helps you obtain the trust of your target audience
  • Helps leave a lasting impression on the mind of your target audience.
  • Helps persuade people
  • Helps motivate people

Once you are successful in making your target audience identify with you in other words add a personal touch to the communication process you are able to throw off their guards and obtain their trust.

So what is the best story that can be told?

  • It can be a recent experience which means that you should be attentive and look out for stories in your everyday life
  • It can be anything from your past and even include the story of how you grew and evolved as a human being
  • The problems/obstacles you identified/encountered, your experiences and your journey and how you overcame the issue or how you identified the solution.

Story Telling Tips in Professional Communication

  • Keep it short
  • Try to keep it professional perhaps how you adapted, grew and evolved in your industry
  • Focus on your target audiences and the professional stage they are going through then select a story from your own experience of that phase in your professional life.
  • Include humor if and when appropriate
  • Help people create scenarios in their mind by stirring up their imagination


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