Communication Skills – Quick-Wittedness


Quick-wittedness is a skill which many struggle to require in order to render their communication a highly effective one.

Let’s have a look at the benefits of quick wittedness along with tips to acquire this skill.

·        Imparts Better Communicator Skills

People who are quick-witted are known to be better communicators than people who are not in possession of this skill. Though not all of us are naturally blessed with this skill yet practice makes perfect and a little practice can help you acquire this skill.

No doubt people enjoy communicating with people who are quick-witted.

·        Makes your Communication and Conversations Interesting

Let’s face it no one likes talking to people who are boring and the same stands true for business communication. People are more likely to communicate with people whom they enjoy communicating with.  Therefore, quick wittedness can help render you a good communicator.

·        Provides Room for Humor

Quick wittedness also helps provide room for humor in the communication process. Adding humor renders the communication process an interesting and an enjoyable one.

·        Equips you with Alertness and Sharpness

Quick witted people are known to be more alert and sharp minded than people who are not. Communication especially professional communication requires individuals to stay attentive and respond quickly to any question/issue/query which may arise.

Tips for Acquiring the Art of Quick Wittedness

·        Be an Attentive Listener

The first and foremost tip to acquire the art of quick wittedness is to be an attentive listener. Therefore, make sure you are all ears.

·        Pick the Basis/Foundation of your Reply from the Remark you wish to reply to

If you wish to come up quick replies/response then the best tip is to pick the foundation of your reply from the very remark that you wish to reply to.

·        Keep it Witty, Humorous and Positive

People enjoy wit, humor and positivity more than anything and remember it for longer as it leaves a positive and lasting impression on their mind. Therefore, keep it positive and humorous even if you find yourself responding to negativity.


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