Communication Skills – Public Speaking


Public speaking can be a very stressful experience for a few especially for the beginners. However, public speaking is a very powerful communication tool.

If you also aspire to be a public speaker or are facing the prospect of public speaking then below we will offer you a few tips on public speaking.

1)   Rather Than Opting for a Solo Flight Consider Engaging the Audiences

Remember public speaking is all about the public. Therefore, instead of opting for solo flight consider engaging the audiences if you wish to be a successful public speaker.

2)   Make it Fun for the People by making them feel Connected and a part of the on-going Conversation

Do not alienate the audiences and make sure you engage them in the on-going conversation.

3)   Be Highly Organized

Be highly-organized not only in terms of your material but also in terms of your thoughts and your plan of action and your conduct during the public speaking.

4)   Your Focus should be your Work and not the Audiences Reaction

Though you are highly encouraged to engage audiences yet it does not mean that your audiences become your focus or your priority. Remember your priority is what you are here to communicate and not the reactions of your audiences.

5)   Maintain Eye Contact

Maintain eye contact with the audiences throughout your interaction with them.  Eye contact not only helps you connect with your audiences and designates your confidence but also keeps your audiences engaged.

6)   Speak Slowly, Clearly but be highly audible

Do not make the mistake of speaking fast as if you are in a rush. Moreover, it also designates nervousness. Therefore, talk at a slow place and clearly yet making sure that you are highly audible. When you speak at a fast rate you are likely to lose control of your words. Therefore, practice your tone well in advance before you show up at the venue.

7)   Engage the Audiences with Story-Telling

Story telling of late has become an essential tool of public speaking. The reason it has gained popularity is that not only it is effective, engages audiences, help you connect with them but also helps you gain their trust.


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