Communication Skills – Interviewing


Interview is a process which helps people identify the right person for the right job. However, interview can be a daunting process once you are not adequately prepared for it not only the interviewer but also the interviewee.

Whether you are the one who is entrusted with the task of carrying out interviews or the one who is facing the prospect of showing up in interviews, below we will offer you the top tips for preparing yourself for the interview process.

Ø Tips for Interviewer

·        Ask Questions Related to Job Skills and Responsibilities

Identify the job related skills and responsibilities and ask questions related to these skills that are essential and related to the job.

·        Learn about the Candidates

Make sure you have taken a look at the resume of the candidate. Today, interviewers also take a look into the social media accounts of the candidates to know more about them especially Linked in.

·        Focus on Listening and not on Talking during the Interview

Let the candidate do the talking. Therefore, consider remaining quiet once you have asked the questions.

·        Find out whether or not the Candidate has the Personal Traits required for the job

Apart from the professional skills and knowledge that you require for a job there is also a set of personal traits and characteristics that the candidate requires to be in possession of. Make sure to find out about whether or not the candidate possesses these qualities.

·        Read Body Language and Physical Communication

Read body language and the physical communication of the candidate and see whether or not it syncs with the verbal communication of the candidate.

Ø Tips for the Candidate

·        Research the Industry and Company

Carry out a research on the industry and company you are heading to. Find out the challenges the industry and its players are facing. Similarly, look into the opportunities facing the industry and how can the company make the most of it.

·        Weave your Strengths/Selling point around the Job Requirements/Skills

You must have heard “Why should we hire you”. Be prepared for this question and make sure you take a detailed look into the requirements the job advertisement specifies and build your strengths around it.

·        Give Brief yet Concise Answers

When responding to questions keep your answers short, to the point and concise. Refrain from going into details and keep it brief.



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