Communication Skills – Body Language


Body Language

Do you know that your body language speaks before you do? Yes! Such is the power of your body language. Moreover, people are more likely to believe in your body language than your words. Therefore, when learning the art of professional communication, make sure that you master your body language as well.

You are often able to look people into the eye and figure out whether or not they are telling the truth. Poor eye contact signals lie and even lack of confidence. Therefore, make sure you maintain a good eye contact while communicating with others.

Many things go on to depict your body language your facial expressions, gestures, movements, shaking hands all reflect what is going on inside you.

Once you understand body language and are able to decode it, you are more likely to adept at the art of professional communication. Similarly, you can also use the art of mastering body language to your advantage so it may corroborate your verbal communication and at the same time read others beyond their words.

Learning the Art of Body Language

  • Maintain reasonable eye contact. However, make sure you do not over do which may border on staring
  • Maintain a good posture which means that you should stand tall with your shoulders back
  • Maintain a moderate to low tone of voice
  • Avoiding moving too much as it may give off an impression that you are uncomfortable, agitated, inattentive, nervous, or in a hurry.
  • Avoid playing with your hair or stroking them so you may appear professional and less self-conscious.
  • Smile when appropriate as it designates confidence and ease.


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