Coke Studios: The Pakistani Music Show that Inspired the World




Over the recent few years coke studios seems to have become synonym with Pakistani music and it seems that you cannot talk of the Pakistan music scene without talking about Coke Studios.

Rohail Hayat, the former member of the famous Pakistan band Vital Signs, is credited as the man behind Coke Studios. Today, after Rohail Hayat exit, Strings are in charge of this music phenomenon.

Coke Studios, it seems, has a global fan following. No doubt every season, people around the world who understand Urdu and other languages spoken in Pakistan flock around to hear the tracks. Coke Studio has successfully completed its 9 seasons and has a history of churning out songs that resonate in the mind of the listeners.

However, the success is not without the efforts of the people behind the coke studios in its every season. Though Rohail Hayat is by and large given the credit for the popularity of the show it seems that the producers Strings who took over the show after Rohail Hayat exit from the scene have left no stone unturned in contributing towards the continued success of this show.

A distinct feature of this show is that it not only showcases the talent of the already established singers but also gives opportunity to the struggling singers and the newcomers. No doubt, many new singers have successfully established themselves from this platform and have gone onto become renowned singers.

It is important to note that the phenomenal success of the Coke Studio laid the foundation of the “Coke Studio” becoming an international franchise.  Following the success of the model, Coke Studio India was launched in India along with Coke Studio Bel3Arabia having being launched in the Middle East.

It seems that the launch of Coke Studio Pakistan has not only changed the way music is produced in Pakistan but has also inspired music producers across the world to bring out the best of their talent.


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