Cleaning and Sanitizing your Fridge


Though we do pay attention to cleaning and sanitizing our kitchen as it is the very place we keep our food. However, the cleaning and sanitization of our fridge where we keep both the raw and cooked food is often overlooked.

Cleaning and sanitizing your fridge is very important as it will help maintain hygiene in your food and help remove any foul smell from your fridge.

Let’s take a step by step look into how to clean and sanitize your fridge.

1)   Remove All Food from your Fridge

The first step is the removal of all food from both the fridge and freezer. Removal of all food from your fridge and freezer will allow better cleaning from all corners and crevices.

2)   Place All Shelves and Drawers in Anti-Bacterial Dish Washing Liquid

Take out all shelves and drawers and place these in anti-bacterial dish washing liquid. Allow it to soak for an hour or so making sure that the drawers and shelves are completely soaked in the liquid.

3)   Wipe the Interior

Take a cloth and pour the anti-bacterial dish washing liquid in it to wipe the interior of your fridge.

4)   Use Baking Soda to Take Care of Stains

Put baking soda on a wet cloth and use it to take care of any tough stains in your fridge.

5)   Avoid Using Strong Chemicals and Bleach as Cleaning Agent

Avoid using strong chemicals like bleach and other disinfectants for cleaning your fridge as it can lead to contamination if it comes in contact with your food.

6)   Wipe with Clean Cloth

After you have cleaned your fridge we suggest that you wipe it with a clean wet cloth followed by a dry cloth to help wipe away any possible traces of detergent on it.

7)   Thoroughly Wash the Drawers, Shelves and Put Them Back Once These Have Dried

It is time out to thoroughly wash the drawers and shelves and then later wash these with clean water. Dry these with a clean cloth before placing these back in the fridge.

8)   Allow the Fridge to Dry Completely before Switching it On

Allow the fridge plenty of time to dry naturally completely before switching it on again.


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