Chitral Pakistan: Heaven on Earth


If you are a fan of natural beauty and feel soothed in the presence of nature then you should definitely consider visiting Chitral at the earliest.

Chitral is a district located in the KPK province of Pakistan. Situated on the western bank of the River Chitral, the city is located at a distance of 365 km from Peshawar.

Tirich Mir Peak

Another introduction of Chitral is the world renowned Tirich Mi Peak which holds the distinction of being the highest peak of the Hindu Kash Range. The beautiful Tirich Mir which overlooks Chitral can be seen from Chitral.

Shahi Mosque Chitral

Among the must visit sites in Chitral is also the Shahi Mosque Chitral which is admired for its rich beauty and grandeur.

Chitral Fort

Once you visit Chitral do not forget to visit the Chitral fort. The fort is approximately 1200 meters above the valley and town and is located 15 km from Chitral town.

Chitral Airport

Chitral also hosts an airport which is located at 3.7 km north of Chitral town.

Famous Holly wood Actor Robert De Niro has also visited Chitral

You would be surprised to know that Chitral forms the favorite travel location of international celebrities including the A-list Hollywood actor Robert De Niro.

The Hindukush Heights Hotel, Chitral

You would be surprised to know about the status that Hindukush Height Hotel, Chitral enjoys. This hotel in the year 2010 was ranked by Tatler, UK travel guide among the best 101 hotels in the world. Therefore, when planning to go to Chitral do not miss the opportunity of staying in one of the finest hotels of Chitral.

Guess what? Robert De Niro also stayed in the hotel when he visited Chitral, Pakistan and wore the famous traditional Chitrali cap.

Shandur Lake

Shandur lake has long mesmerized people with its beauty. Therefore, once in Chitral do not forget to visit the lake.

On a final thought if you too wish to see heaven on earth Chitral is the place to go.


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