Chinese Xiaomi Mobile all set to Launch in Pakistan


CPEC has opened gateway of technology revolution in Pakistan with more and more countries eager to help boost Pakistan’s technology sector.

Chinese firms are taking special interest in many sectors of Pakistan including the energy sector. However, it does not mean that China will stay back when it comes to smart phone market. Pakistan is a thriving smart phone market which is continuing to grow and no doubt Xiaomi the fourth largest cell phone manufacturer in the world is all set to launch its mobile range in Pakistan.

Smart phone users around the world are familiar with Xiaomi mobile phones owing to their quality and their reasonable prices.

The Xiaomi cell phones that are making their way to the Pakistan market include Xiaomi Note 4, Xiaomi Mi 5 and Xiaomi Mi Max. Though these smart phones have already made their way to the international market this is the first time these mobiles are being introduced in the Pakistan market.

Xiaomi mobile phones are known for their affordable prices besides being known for their excellent battery life. Similarly, Xiaomi are also world renowned for their excellent camera results.


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