Chinese Firms Eager to Invest In Pakistan Automotive Sector



Pakistan is a developing economy and the fact is that a growing amount of investment in the country is imperative for sustained economy growth. The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is just what could help provide Pakistan economy with the necessary growth along with the necessary investment to boost and revive the present sectors.

The China Pakistan Economic Corridor is laying foundation for the Chinese investment in various sectors of Pakistan. The Pakistan automotive sector is no exception as various Chinese companies have expressed their interest to invest in the sector.

However, it is not all as the Chinese sector interest in Pakistani automotive sector also expands to introducing the first Chinese commercial vehicle in Pakistan. The vehicle is expected to be marketed in Pakistan as early as December 2017 according to the president of the Pakistan-China joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry Wang Zihai.

According to him the $46 billion investment deal between Pakistan and China under the China Pakistan Economic Corridor is only the beginning of the trade between the two countries as the joint ventures between the businesses of the two countries along with the fresh investment could play an instrumental role in rendering the investment amount between the two countries to as much as the $100 million.

Perhaps the most encouraging fact about the economic ties between Pakistan and China is that they are neighboring countries and can help provide each other with the necessary economic and infrastructure support. Pakistan China friendship has not only withstood tests and sustained but has grown stronger with the passage of time with both the countries providing each other the necessary support on all fronts.

It seems that the China Pakistan Economic Corridor will prove to be the gateway for the economic development of both China and Pakistan and their economies.


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