Chinese Express Interest in Building Mall to Transfer Modern Construction Technology to Pakistan


Ever since China Pakistan Economic Corridor transformed into reality China and Pakistan are collaborating like never before in various fields.

Chinese investors have expressed their interest in building mall that will house modern construction equipment along with allowing transfer of the modern construction technology to Pakistan. To select a suitable site for the mall, a seven member Chinese delegation visited Pakistan for the purpose.

The delegation which was led by Shanfeng Xu represented Shandong SKL International Trade Limited met with PCJCCI, the Pak China Joint Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

It is pertinent to mention here that China had pledged to help Pakistan in developing its infrastructure along with helping the country to meet the energy challenges it faces. The delegation was of the view that Pakistan still employs the conventional and inefficient construction techniques and style. China on the contrary makes use of construction technology which is not only energy efficient but could also help save energy and construction cost up till 10 times.

Elaborating on the point the Chinese delegation suggested that the Chinese construction style makes use of geothermal and solar energy in building structures. According to the delegation these energy sources help maintain the desirable comfortable temperature both in the winter and summer seasons.

The delegation further stated that China is eager to play a role in the development of infrastructure facilities in Pakistan as infrastructure is an integral part of the construction industry. However, he was quick to state that China efforts would be directed towards inculcating the modern technology of housing and construction among the common masses of Pakistan as well. He further stated that it is their wish that the general public of the Pakistan society would derive the benefits of the modern technology China wishes to introduce.

Here is hoping for better times to come in the Pakistani construction and energy sectors which are yet not upgraded and at par with the latest innovations in these fields. One can but hope that the Chinese involvement in these sectors is the much needed first step to bring about improvement in both these vital sectors.


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