China Planning to Set Up a Steel Factory At Gwadar as part of the CPEC


CPEC has just taken off and it seems that the game changer has already started to change the economic scenario of Pakistan especially for the underdeveloped Baluchistan province of Pakistan.

Before we elaborate on the news we would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Pakistanis around the world for all the economic development that is taking place in Pakistan after the game changer CPEC.

Enormous Size Steel Factory

Chinese Ambassador to Pakistan Zhao Lijian confirmed the news while he was speaking at a conference held in Islamabad.

The steel factory that would be set up would be of an enormous size. According to a rough estimate the factory is likely to more than 3 times the size of the free economic zone being set up in the city of Gwadar.

The good news is that both the Pakistan and Chinese Governments are very close to the signing of an agreement in this regard.

A Brief Overview of CPEC and what it Means for Pakistan

By now we all know what CPEC is and what it means for Pakistan. CPEC is but a multi-million undertaking between Pakistan and China to lay out a route between the two countries which will help communication and trade between these two. The infrastructure which will be constructed under the corridor entails pipelines, railways and highways.

Socio Economic Ventures

The socio economic ventures under the belt of CPEC include international airport, energy projects, highways, hospitals, orphanages along with steel factory etc.

Industrial Co-Operation the Fourth Pillar of the CPEC

The Chinese ambassador said that Industrial co-operation is the fourth pillar of the CPEC and both countries are considering discussing it at the upcoming joint co-operation committee.


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