How China-Pakistan Economic Corridor Will Benefit the Real Estate Sector In Pakistan



Much is being said and written about China Pakistan Economic Corridor and how it would transform the Pakistan economy. The CPEC will boost the Pakistan economy along with bringing about the much needed investment in the Pakistan power and energy sector. Though China-Pakistan Economic Corridor will have a positive impact on various sectors in Pakistan including the power, energy, export, tourism, health, education and retail etc below we will briefly take a look into how it would benefit the real estate sector in Pakistan.

According to the experts, the China Pakistan Economic Corridor or the CPEC will have a positive impact on the real estate sector in Pakistan. It seems the positive impact the CPEC is likely to have on the real estate is already evident as the property prices in Gawadar have already more than doubled owing to the demand for housing in the region. Experts further suggest that this demand for housing will increase steadily as more and more of the Chinese expats move to Pakistan and as the infrastructure development from this project allows access to the previously isolated areas of historic, natural beauty and other significance.

Moreover, this corridor can also prove to be the milestone in bringing about a shift from Pakistan being an agrarian economy to being the logistic hub for the Chinese good transportation to Africa, Middle East and vice versa. Therefore, the real estate sector in Pakistan is likely to grow by leaps and bounds as a result of this corridor.

Though the long term benefits of this corridor are yet to be achieved and may take time, the fact is that the short term benefits have already started to show in the form of bringing about an improvement in the real estate sector of Pakistan.


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