China Introducing New Technologies in the Power Sector of Pakistan: Smart Grids


Pakistan is thirsty for energy and while nepotism, monopoly and corruption cannot be ignored as the main reasons behind it outdated technologies and infrastructure have a role to play too in the existing situation.

China promised Pakistan to help upgrade its energy sector as a means to quench Pakistan’s energy thirst. China companies are all set to introduce new technologies in the power sector of Pakistan.

However, it is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan energy losses in distribution and transmission are known to exceed 18% not to mention that these are among the highest in the world.

Under CPEC US$15.5 billion worth of hydropower, solar, wind and coal projects are likely to add 10,400 MW of energy to Pakistan’s National grid. However, it seems that with the existing enormous distribution and transmission losses sole production of energy may not transmit into the desired results.

Therefore, if Pakistan is to reap benefits from the new technologies the need to implement smart grid technologies is necessary. The smart grid technology can not only help reduce distribution and transmission losses but can also help reduce the gap between demand and supply besides automating the power distribution and transmission.

What are Smart Grids

Smart grids have evolved from the convergence of communication and information technologies with electric power technologies.

What do Smart Grids Mean for Pakistan?

Smart grid technologies demonstrate excellent potential when faced with load control and communication.  Moreover, smart grids also ensure efficient utilization of the available resources along with their inbuilt energy saving potential.

Therefore, the need to focus on smart grids seems more primary than the power generation itself. The smart grids will allow power distribution companies DISCOs to manage load at both the supply and demand ends. Smart grids will also help empower users and allow them to be a part of the energy usage decisions.

Keeping in view the significance of smart grids for Pakistan the Chinese company is all set to make a special presentation on smart grid devices.


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