China Expresses Interest in Pakistan Textile Sector


Chinese investors have shown a deep interest in the textile sector of Pakistan and have expressed their intention to enter into

  • Sale of Goods
  • Purchase of textile raw material
  • Joint ventures

On the other hand Pakistan counterparts have invited them to participate in

  • Value addition in Textile Industry

Pakistan: World’s 4 Largest Producer of Cotton

It is pertinent to mention here that Pakistan’s cotton is considered the finest in the world and Pakistan also happens to be the world’s 4th largest producer of cotton.

Pakistan along with being the world’s 4th largest producer of cotton also offers skilled labor along with vast agricultural base.

The Chinese Delegation

The Chinese delegation was led by none other than Zhang Shaoyun who happens to be the Deputy Director, Department of Commerce, China. The delegation which also included the representatives of various Chinese textile companies also exchanged details and information with their Pakistani counterparts on matters of mutual interest.

Areas of Mutual Interest

The delegation went on to identify areas of mutual interest. While some Chinese companies expressed interest in selling goods some expressed their interest in selling goods while some wanted to purchase raw material from Pakistan. Moreover, there were also those who expressed their wish of entering into joint ventures with their Pakistani counterparts.

Chinese Companies Invited to Enter Joint Ventures in Existing Textile Units in SITE

Muhammad Zubair Motiwala who happens to be Chairman Council of Textile Associations invited Chinese companies to enter into joint ventures with the existing textile units in SITE which offer huge potential for value-addition and expansion.



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