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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Gardening Tip of the Day

Use the water you have used for washing fruits and vegetables for watering your plants and watch your plants grow.

Tip of the Day

When drinking green tea make sure to add a few drops of lemon as it helps green tea release its antioxidants.

Cucumber Storage Tip of the Day

Cucumbers should best be stored at room temperature. Therefore, avoid storing these in your fridge besides eating them as fresh as possible.

Tip of the Day

Whether you are facing unwanted pounds/weight gain, stress, pressure, anxiety or are in need of relaxation count on exercise to do the trick for...

Tip of the Day

Rosemary oil can help boost hair growth. Therefore, apply it to your scalp and leave it for at least a few hours to notice...

Tip of the Day

Avoid using meat, vegetables and fruits straight out of the fridge. Rather take them out and allow them to come at the room temperature...

Cake Baking Tip of the Day

When baking cakes make sure that the eggs you use are at room temperature. If you use eggs directly from fridge you will not...

Tip of the Day

If you also enjoy consuming soups in the winter season then consider adding oats to the soup along with adding vegetables like carrots, peas...

Tip of the Day

Instead of adding unhealthy salad dressings to your salad consider sprinkling your salad with lemon to render it healthier and boost its vitamin C...

Detox and Weight Loss Tip of the Day

Add a cinnamon bark to a hot cup of green tea and add a few drops of lemon juice to it. Let the green...

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