Brooke Shield puts Pakistan’s Fashion on the World Map by Wearing a Stunning HSY Gown at American Ballet Theatre 2016 Fall Gala


Well this is indeed a proud moment for the Pakistani fashion as none other than Brooke Shield who is known for her impeccable dressing sense wore HSY gown at American Ballet Theatre 2016 Fall Gala.

Pakistan has some of the world’s best fashion designers who are at par with the world’s best designers and Brooke Shield has just went on to prove it.

It seems that Brooke Shield made an informed choice as her gown left an impact on all and was praised by all and sundry for its impeccable beauty. In the presence of guests including Calvin Klein and Elizabeth Olsen, Brooke Shield’s Oxford blue gown managed to stand out and catch the attention of all as it was widely praised for its glittering baroque pattern and impeccable fitting.

While the sheer full sleeves featured diamond shapes that were neatly cloven into the wrist area a lighter blue sash cinched her around the waist area.

Speaking at the occasion of how he felt with his gown being worn by one of the most high profile Hollywood celebrity to a prestigious event HSY, who is a leading fashion designer of Pakistan, said that he was truly honored as Brook Shield wore his gown to one of the most prestigious events. He said that the actress had handpicked the dress herself. He was of the point of view that while politics is serving to create a divide in the world fashion is bringing people closer and is transcending boundaries and making its mark across the world.

With the Pakistani fashion out on the world map with a celebrity like Brooke Shied wearing it to a prestigious event it seems that Pakistani fashion will soon enter the international fashion arena. That said Pakistan has been blessed with immense talent and the days that it would contribute immensely to the world of fashion on international platforms are not far.



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