Britain Formally Announces Willingness to Join China Pakistan Economic Corridor


Britain has made its official! Britain High Commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew has expressed his country desire to become a part of the multi-billion dollar project China Pakistan Economic Corridor.

Thomas Drew was talking to journalists at a ceremony held in the British Embassy. Elaborating on his country decision to join the game changer CPEC he said that it will be a pleasure for Britain to be a part of the esteemed CPEC.

He praised the on-going Pakistan military operation Zarb-e-Azb and said that the operation has managed to improve the overall security situation of the country.

Britain high commissioner to Pakistan Thomas Drew was of the point of view that Pakistan and Britain share 70 years history of bilateral relations. Further, he also reiterated his country stance that Britain fully supports talks that ensure the region’s lasting peace.

It would be relevant to mention here that Britain has urged its companies to invest in Pakistan and boost the bilateral trade and relations between the two countries.

India Expresses its Reservations

As expected India expressed its reservations on Britain eagerness and willingness to become a part of CPEC however, it seems that with the changing dynamics and CPEC emerging as gateway of opportunities for all India is fast losing its influence and relevancy on the international front.

Therefore, it came as no surprise when Britain despite of Indian reservations officially announced that it would like to benefit from CPEC and boost both its trade and relations with both Pakistan and China.

Brexit and China Pakistan Economic Corridor

Britain after Brexit where its population opted to walk out of European Union is on outlook for new investment opportunities and business prospects and no doubt CPEC seems the perfect platform for it.

However, a factor which seems to have enticed countries around the globe to join and benefit from CPEC is the security that the CPEC is being provided by the Pakistan military. It is no news that Pakistan’s military played the frontline role in transforming CPEC to reality. Pakistan military along with China has been very proactive when it comes to securing the CPEC route.



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