A Brief yet Elaborate Look into the Present Scenario of the Pakistan Food Sector


Pakistan food sector exports are doing reasonable good and performing satisfactory. However, the current focus of the sector is on further growth and increasing the share of food sector in Pakistan exports.

The federal secretary Muhammad Abid Javed said that every possible effort is being undertaken to boost Pakistan food export.

Strategic Trade Policy Framework (2015-2018)

STPF or the strategic trade policy framework has been introduced to with the objective of boosting share of Pakistan food exports

Rice Research Institute has Introduced 2 New Rice Varieties

The federal secretary stated that Pakistani basmati rice already has a high demand in the international market. He further suggested that the Rice Research Institute is also working towards introducing new varieties.

However, it seems that success is already on its way as 2 rice varieties have already been introduced which will help boost Pakistan rice export.

Tomato Import from Indian has come to an End

Another good news for the sector is that the import of tomatoes from India has successfully ended since Pakistan is producing enough to meet its demand.

Let’s take this opportunity to take a look into the major sub sectors of the Pakistan food sector

Major Sub Sectors of Pakistan Food Sector

The major sub sectors of Pakistan food sector includes

  • Rice
  • Fish
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Spices
  • Animal Feeds
  • Seeds
  • Molasses
  • Guar & guar products
  • Wheat
  • Tobacco

However, it seems that the food sector is not performing to its potential owing to certain problems and outdated technology that exist in the sector

Challenges Faced by Pakistan Food Sector

The challenges faced by the food sector of Pakistan include

  • Harvest losses
  • Low productivity
  • High cost of carrying out business
  • Shortage of Electricity and Gas
  • Use of outdated production techniques
  • Lack of food sector specific initiatives


Halal Food Sector

Muhammad Abid Javed, the federal secretary, ministry of national food security and research said that special attention is being paid to the Halal food sector as this sector has the potential to boost Pakistan exports manifolds.

Final Thought

It seems that with all the efforts underway for Pakistan food sector the share of food exports in the total export of Pakistan is sure to rise in the coming years. Similarly, efforts are also being undertaken to boost the export of halal foods from Pakistan.



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