A Brief Summary of Jane Eyre: The World’s Best Novels


Jane Eyre written by Charlotte Bronte is included among the world’s best novels. The plot of the novel revolves around the life of an orphan girl and follows her life journey and all the unexpected twists and turns that come along in her life.

Charlotte Bronte’s novel went on to be ranked among the bestselling novels of all times and thus made its way into the list of the best novels of all times.

The novel begins with Jane Eyre an orphan leading an unhappy life with her maternal aunt and her cousins. Since her maternal uncle had taken charge of her after her parents died, her aunt has developed a deep hatred and contempt for her.  Circumstances, however, had turned for the worst after her uncle passed away. Her aunt and her cousins treat her with cruelty, contempt and often subject her to cruel punishments.

As fate would have it the family’s doctor manages to convince her aunt to send her to orphanage realizing that Jane would lead a far better life there. Eager to get rid of Jane her aunt sends her to orphanage however, tries to make her future life miserable for her by telling the orphanage owner that she is a deceitful child who is ungrateful and a habitual liar.

However, Jane’s conduct at the school proves otherwise and she is cleared of all the charges that her aunt had levied against her. Following this a deadly disease breaks in the school and claims the lives of many pupils over there. However, following this calamity things change for the better for the remaining students in school and Jane goes on to have a successful academic career in the school. Once Jane has completed her studies she goes on to become a teacher in the same school.

However, soon boredom sets in and she finds herself desirous of stepping out in the world. Since she is a teacher she advertises her services as a teacher and soon receives a reply from a respectable family who wish to hire her.

Once Jane Eyre reaches there a new chapter of her life unfolds. Jane begins to like her job as a governess however, is informed that the owner of the house hardly stays at the house and the girl she has been appointed as governess of was adopted by the house owner.

On a certain eventful day Jane comes across the house owner Mr. Rochester in the most dramatic manner. Soon the house owner who is a middle aged man grows fond of Jane and begins to enjoy her company. Mr. Rochester admires Jane for her intelligence, wit, sincerity and thoughtfulness.

One night things take a dramatic turn when Jane finds Mr. Rochester bed on fire and manages to save his life. By now it is clear that both Jane and Mr. Rochester have developed feelings for each other. However, when Mr. Rochester leaves for a journey the nest day Jane is told that Mr. Rochester is considering marrying a beautiful girl from a rich and respected family and will come back to the house along with them.

Jane now realizes that her feelings may have been one sided and a wealthy man like Mr. Rochester can never love or marry her. Once Mr. Rochester returns with the guests Miss Ingram the lady Mr. Rochester is likely to marry turns out to be an arrogant woman and Jane realizes that once Mr. Rochester marries her she will no longer be able to continue her job as the governess.

Two strange events happen at this time which go on to shape the future for both Mr. Rochester and Jane. A stranger shows up and is accommodated in the house since Mr. Rochester is not at home. Meanwhile a woman who claims herself as a fortune teller shows up and wishes to meet all ladies in the house.

Once Miss Ingram returns after having met her she looks disappointed however, once Jane is asked to meet the fortune teller by none other than the fortune teller herself it is revealed that the fortune teller is Mr. Rochester himself. Once he gets to know of the guest he grows uncomfortable.

A strange event occurs in the night and the guest is found wounded and bleeding. Mr. Rochester asks Jane to take care of him but avoid any conversations with him.

Once the doctor shows up and the guest is safely taken out of home Mr. Rochester thanks Jane for her help and hints towards his feelings for her. The next day Jane Eyre is called by her maternal aunt who is by now at death’s bed and Jane has no choice but to oblige and leave.

Before dying, Jane aunt reveals that one of Jane’s uncles wishes to leave his fortune for her. Jane returns to home thinking that Mr. Rochester is shortly to be married to Miss Ingram however, is surprised when Mr. Rochester proposes her saying that Miss Ingram is solely after his wealth. By now Jane has written a reply to her uncle and is likely to inherit his fortune.

The wedding day arrives and Jane is all dressed up when it is revealed that Mr. Rochester has a wife who is but mad and violent. Jane leaves the house for an unknown destination and is taken in by the clergy man of the town in his home. Here Jane forges friendship with his sisters and goes on to become a teacher in a very small school. However, Jane has been very vocal about not revealing her real identity.

One fine day the clergyman comes to tell her that she has indeed been identified and tells her that she has inherited a fortune from her uncle. In an unexpected twist of events it is revealed that the clergyman and his sisters are but Jane’s cousins too.

Jane is quick to divide the fortune equally between all the cousins though it was left solely for her. Jane’s cousin the clergyman asks Jane to marry him so she may devote her life to preaching as well. Jane who still loves Mr. Rochester decides to meet Mr. Rochester once before she answers her cousin’s proposal.

Once Jane reaches the home she finds the home all burnt out and finds out that it was set on fire by Mr. Rochester’s mad wife and Mr. Rochester in an attempt to save all managed to hurt himself seriously but couldn’t save his wife who in her frenzy jumped from the roof and died.

Jane makes her way to Mr. Rochester who has lost one arm and his eyes in the fire and agrees to his proposal of marrying him and writes back to her cousins informing them of her decision. In the end it is revealed that both Jane and Mr. Rochester are happily married and Mr. Rochester is slowly gaining his eye sight.


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