A Brief Insight into the Rich and Ancient Culture of Sind


The culture of Sind has its roots embedded in the civilization of the Indus Valley. Various archaeological researches which were carried out during the 19th and 20th centuries that went on to depict the roots of cultural and even social life of the Indus valley people.

It seems that the agricultural practices, traditions, customs, crafts and arts of Sindh people can be traced back to the Indus valley civilization.

Archaeological Discoveries

Archaeological discoveries have laid bare the ancient roots of the Indus Civilization. One such discovery is none other than Mohenjo-Daro. Though the ruins that were discovered suggest that the city was abandoned by its inhabitants these also go on to depict the culture, social life, arts and crafts of the people.


Sindhi literature similar to its culture is both rich and ancient. Various writers have contributed immensely to Sindhi literature. It is also pertinent to mention here that that Sindhi literature is included among the oldest literature in the history of the world.


Some of the prominent names of Sindhi poetry includes Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai and Sachal Sarmast


Sufism is a very important and an integral element of the Sindhi music.

Sindhi Ajrak and Topi

Sindhi ajrak and topi are also an integral part of the Sindhi culture. However, an interesting aspect of this is that people around the world are charmed by the beauty of ajrak and Sindhi cap.


Ralli is a traditional cloth material which is made in Sind. The prominent feature of this material is all the colors that go into its making. Ralli is not only colorful and beautiful but is also highly durable.


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