Bin Roye: the Pakistani Movie which garnered immense success



If there is one Pakistani movie which garnered it all at thePakistani box office i.e. rave reviews and huge commercial success it was indeed Bin Roye.

The movie was an eagerly awaited one as it boosted a strong story-line and cast such as Mahira Khan, Humayun Saeed and Aarmeena Khan. One of the reasons that the movie was successful in striking a chord with the audiences was indeed its story-line along with its strong screenplay, perfect locations and its direction.

Bin Roye Aansoo Novel

The movie is based on the novel Bin Roye Aansoo by Farhat Ishtiaq and owing to the success it achieved at box office the novel has also been adapted for a TV drama which is currently airing on one of the Pakistani private TV channels. The movie revolves around Mahira Khan who is playing the role of Saba in the movie a girl who is in love with her cousin and hopes to marry him. Little does she know that the feeling is not mutual as her cousin Irtiza though he thinks of her as his best friend does not love her. Later Irtiza ends up falling in love with Saba’s sister Saman leaving Saba heartbroken. As fate would have it, Saman dies as a result of an accident which prompts their family to request Saba to marry Irtiza as only Saba, being Saman’s sister, can give Irtiza and Saman’s child Maaz the love of a mother.

However, Saba is a changed girl now who is also dealing with the guilt of having wished her sister death once she was marrying Irtiza. Though Saba tries her best to avoid this marriage, circumstances somehow lead her to marry Irtiza. Saba is not happy with her marriage and what follows is an emotional roller coaster ride for both Saba and Irtiza. However, the turmoil in their relationship is short lived as both resolve the misunderstandings between them and embrace the true marital bliss.


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