Being Patient


Have you ever noticed how most children lack patience? If things worked the way we wanted them to work, being patient would give us the wisdom instead of the wisdom giving us the patience.

However, wisdom does come before patience because as we grow older and wiser we can see how things work out or play out in life. Our many experiences on life hopefully teach us that if we are willing to wait, things smooth out, or we can achieve what we need over time.

Over time, we can also see how holding a grudge or getting overly, upset over an offense against us must eventually be forgiven. Not only are we not glorified when we do not overlook an offense, the grudge we hold eventually eats us up on a spiritual and emotional level. Today, use your wisdom to see the “big picture” to achieve patience, and overlook any offense against you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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