The Beginning of a New Era in Pakistan; the Game Changer CPEC is finally a Reality


The game changer China Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) is finally a reality. 13 November 2106 marks the beginning of a new era in Pakistan as historic trade activity was launched through CPEC. This historic moment witnessed the Chinese Ship carrying the goods that are to be exported to Africa and Middle East leaving the Gawadar Port.

History in Making; the First Chinese Truck Convoy

Highest security was ensured as the first convoy of the Chinese trucks arrived in Pakistan. This convoy entered Pakistan via the road linking Gawadar to China’s Northwestern Xinjiang Region.

China Pakistan Economic Regime and the Pakistan Military Regime

The current Pakistani military regime showed extra ordinary interest in making CPEC a reality. Therefore, it did not come as a surprise when the Chinese official present at the historic moment took the opportunity to thank Pakistan military for taking extra ordinary interest and security measures for making it all possible.

China Pakistan Economic Corridor; the Looming Threats

It is no secret that the world powers and many of the Pakistan neighboring countries are not in favor of the Pakistan and China collaboration. All possible and imaginable conspiracies were hatched against and even executed to stop the development of this corridor to stop China from accessing the Middle East and African regions via Pakistan.

However, realizing the threats that this corridor faced Pakistani military regime took keen interest in the development and security of this corridor. It wouldn’t be wrong or an exaggeration to state here that the current army chief Raheel Shareef went on to take the continuity and security of this corridor under the army wings.

Countering the Security Concerns in the Operational Stages

No doubt today when the dream has been realized and the Pak China Economic Corridor has finally become a reality despite of all the threats it faced, Pakistan army remains fully aware of all the ongoing efforts to sabotage the corridor operations.

To counter this threat Pakistan Army has created a special force which is entrusted with the task of guarding the newly built port and the newly developed trade routes.

Decoding the Chinese Investment in the Pakistan Infrastructural Development and Power Plants

Under the CPEC China is helping Pakistan in its infrastructure development and is building a network of roads along with power plants to facilitate and boost the developing Pakistan economy.

Taking a Look at the Political Pressures the CPEC brought along with it

However, the CPEC has not come without immense political pressures and even without Pakistan having to pay a huge price. When Pakistan decided to go for this project with China it was certainly not without inviting pressure from different powers , despite of immense pressure Pakistan decided to serve as a gateway to China’s access to the Middle East and African Regions..

Final Thought

To conclude CPEC has come with a huge price to Pakistan and Pakistan had to choose between a lot to go ahead with this project. This way CPEC corridor seems to have done Pakistan a lot of favors apart from merely contributing to the economic development of Pakistan.




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