Basic Hair Care Explained


If you are experiencing hair fall, your hair lack volume or of late have become brittle, have developed split ends, lost their shine and strength then you are indeed in need of help. Though we suggest that you consult a dermatologist for the problem, we can help provide you with the basic hair care rules.

1)   Your Hair Need Nutrition too

Your hair just like your skin and other body organs require nutrition to stay healthy. You cannot expect to intake an unhealthy/poor diet and your hair to stay healthy. Try adding hair healthy food in your diet and if that is not a possibility there are supplements available in the market to help boost your hair health and prevent hair fall. Therefore, consult your dermatologist to know the supplement that is best formulated to meet your need.

2)   Cleanse your Hair

Similar to the manner your skin needs cleansing, your scalp and hair need cleansing too. Shampoo help cleanse your scalp and hair but to derive the full cleansing benefits from a shampoo it is necessary that you chose a shampoo according to your hair type.

Determine whether you have normal, dry or oily hair and then choose a shampoo accordingly. If you have normal to dry hair then shampoos with intense moisture are definitely not a good choice for you and would do you no good to your hair.

People with normal to oily hair should best stick with shampoos with mild cleansing properties rather than opting for shampoos with rich moisturizers. Similarly, people with dry hair should select shampoo with moisturizers in it.

3)   Oil and Massage Your Scalp and Hair

Oiling and massaging your hair at least once a week is necessary for maintaining healthy scalp and hair. Mix a few hair oil including olive, almond, coconut and a little castor oil and massage your scalp with it. Make sure you apply the mixture to your hair as well. Leave it on your scalp and hair for 2-3 hours before washing it off.

4)   Avoid Hair Damaging Treatments and Chemicals

We suggest that as far as possible you should consider avoiding hair damaging treatments and chemicals for your hair. Stay away from hair irons, hair treatments and other chemicals and stick with natural remedies for your hair.

Instead of going for expensive and damaging protein treatment for your hair why not consider applications of eggs on your hair as they are loaded with natural protein.

These are the basic hair care rules that can help you take care of your hair health and protect them from further damage.


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