Basic Food Hygiene Rules


Before you proceed to cook learning and abiding by a few basic cooking hygiene rules is utmost necessary. Of course you want your food to impart you health rather than making you sick with infection and poisoning.

Therefore, let’s have a look at the basic food hygiene rules.

Avoid Cross Contamination

Cross contamination refers to the phenomenon where germs and bacteria from one food source are accidentally transferred to the other food source. Therefore, be very careful when you are washing meat as the germs from meat may accidentally transfer to vegetables and other kitchen utensils lying in the kitchen.

Even your kitchen cutting board and your kitchen sponge is susceptible to catch germs and bacteria from food sources and kitchen utensils respectively. Therefore, make sure that there is no cross contamination in your kitchen.

Proper Storage

Ensure proper storage of the food as inappropriate storage of the food may lead to infections and food poisoning. Proper storage is equally important for both the cooked and uncooked raw food. Cooked food should always be stored once it has cooled downed to the room temperature or the food will cool unevenly giving room to food poisoning and infections. Similarly, food should always be stored only after it has been covered as uncovered food is susceptible to bacteria, dirt and germs.

Cleaning Up

Cleaning up after cooking is utmost necessary as it reduces cross contamination and helps wipe out bacteria, germs, grease and dirt from your kitchen. Wash all your utensils, counters, sink and even your kitchen sponges once you are done with cooking.

These are the basic food hygiene rules to follow if you want to cook healthy food.


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