Arfa Kareem: The Youngest Microsoft Certified Professional


Arfa Kareem is indeed Pakistan’s daughter as this daughter of the nation made all of us proud when she went on to become the youngest Microsoft certified professional at the age of mere 9.

However, Arfa’s service to the nation of Pakistan was not only about emerging as the youngest Microsoft certified professional as she went on to inspire a whole nation as many children from Pakistan followed her footsteps and went on to bag honors including Badar Iqbal and Ayan Qureshi who later went to beat her record and overtake her as the youngest MCP in the world.

No doubt Arfa managed to set a precedence which many followed and are still following even when pride of Pakistan Arfa is no more.

Meeting with Bill Gates

Arfa Kareem held the distinction of meeting Bill Gates at Microsoft Head Quarters in the United States, an honor which many dream of.  Bill Gates decided to meet the then 9 years old Arfa to encourage her. The then 9 years was such a bright child that she was not least daunted by the stature of Bill Gates and asked him why Microsoft does not employ more women as she could see more men than women.

Recognition and Awards

Pakistan did not fail to recognize her immense talent and she was awarded the Pride of Performance for her outstanding achievement and her contribution to Pakistan.

As Pakistani Representative on International Forums

Arfa with her intelligence, talent and achievements represented Pakistan on various international forums. Microsoft went on to invite Arfa to represent Pakistan in Tech-Ed Developers Conference themed Get Ahead of the Game which was held in Barcelona.

Untimely Death

As fate would have it, Arfa Kareem who had an unusual life, met an untimely death at the age of only 16 years leaving the whole nation mourning at her loss. Even after her death Arfa Kareem continues to inspire the whole nation and gives Pakistan another reason to be proud of.


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