Anger Management


Anger is a feeling that we all resent whether sooner or later. Anger is deteriorating and detrimental not only for humans but also for their relationships. However, the ugly truth is that anger is a reality yet it is something that we all struggle to curtail.

If you are also looking forward to curtail or rather control your anger then below we will take a look into what causes your anger and how you can prevent yourself from falling prey to your rage of anger by understanding the process.

1)   Look into the Underlying Reasons of your Anger

So what exactly may be causing your anger? Have you been feeling exhausted lately whether owing to lack of sleep or any other reason? Are you under some kind of pressure whether personal, professional or financial? Similarly, are you going through some kind of uncertainty or have you recently experienced a major life change?

Identifying the underlying reasons behind your anger is the first step towards anger management. If your sleep deprivation is the reason behind your aroused temper then by all means get as much rest and sleep as possible. Similarly, if your anger has its roots in emotional issues then you need to look into it seriously before your anger gets the better of you.

2)   Understand the Anger Process

Obtain an understanding of the anger process, how it unfolds and what it ends up in. When you get into a fit of rage your mind loses rationality and you tend to think in exaggerated and over dramatic terms. Remember when you speak in this state of mind not only do you tend to alienate people but also end up jeopardizing things.

3)   Take Momentarily Pause

The moment you start feeling angry and realize that you will end up saying something which you will regret later, change your posture. If you are standing then sit down and take a few sips of water to calm you down.  You will realize that only a brief pause has resulted in reducing the level of your anger and you can now think in relatively clear terms.

4)   Resolve the Conflict before it gets Late and you Burst into Anger

Of course! Your getting angry is seldom one time phenomenon as anger tends to build up in your mind after repeated incidences on a certain subject or person. If you wish to avoid getting into an unproductive fit of rage which would hardly result in any constructive output resolve the conflict before you arrive at your boiling time.

You can consider issuing a polite warning that the next time something like this happens you may find yourself forced to resort to a stricter mode of action.

These are just a few tips that can help you understand and thus control your anger better.


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