Aiming For Perfection


In our spiritual life, and in HIS kingdom within us, living half-way, or living a slipshod life produces nothing.

We must have as our objective, the goal of living in peace within our selves and with others and with HIM. Our goal should always be to live in perfect peace and harmony. When we are at war within our selves, within our own hearts, and within our family, work group, or our social circle, we generate more war.

With HIM living and alive within us, we have a way of calming the forces of war and destruction in our hearts and lives. With HIS love living in our hearts, there can be no more turmoil, no more war, no more fighting, and no more anguish within us.

In our hearts, there will be an eternally flowing spring of living water that quenches every thirst and puts out every fire of anger, turmoil, frustration, and discontent that burns the soul.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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