A Life Full Of Peace


In the chaos and turmoil of life, you can choose peace.

In the face of strife and hardship, no matter what life does to you, you can choose to live in peace. Of course, it is easy to say you can choose peace. It is easy to think you want peace. You can want peace very much. However, you must follow-up on making your choice of peace by living in peace.

To live a life full of peace, you must establish boundaries in your life and make sure no turmoil comes over those boundaries. Draw lines and live within those lines to establish peace. By living within those lines you then build for yourself a world where turmoil cannot enter.

Within your boundary lines of peace, inside the lines, include HIM. For in HIS heart there is always peace. In HIS heart is all peace, then when you say, “Please Lord, let your peace be in me” then HE will answer you and HE will place HIS peace within you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

HIS Blessings – a blog by HIS Humble Servant at https://nadeemzaigham.home.blog


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