A Life Full of Love


You can have a life full of love.

Love in your life need not be determined by the way things are on the outside. Love in your life can be determined by how you make things within yourself. How you make things within yourself is totally and entirely up to you. In the most of unselfish of ways, within your heart, you can determine whether you love others, whether you love the opportunities HE has given you, whether you love HIM, and whether HIS love is in you this instant.

You can determine whether HIS love burns within your heart. By opening your heart to HIM, you can determine whether the only true love in life flowing down from HIM surrounds you and unfolds you. Your life can be full of HIS love…HIS love that is like a holy cloud or a mist surrounding you. You can determine, you can decide, and you can use your heart to plug-in to HIS mist.

Tune to HIM. By tuning into HIS love within yourself and within your heart you can determine to have and you can have HIM. Everyone can have HIS cloud of love because in HIM there is always love. From HIM HIS love reaches out to you and holds you close. In HIM, all is love, then when you say, “Please Lord, let your love be in me” HE will answer you and HE will place HIS love within you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

HIS Blessings – a blog by HIS Humble Servant at https:nadeemzaigham.home.blog


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