A Life Full Of Hope


Every day, with full intent and purpose, you must seek out hope. Every day, you must intently search for hope.

Sometimes you must even take action to manufacture the circumstances to acquire your hope by building for the future. Remember, no matter how dark things might be for you now, the Light exists within your heart. No matter how grim things may seem at the moment, there is another place, another reality, and a source of hope in whom and from whom there is no darkness.

In seeking hope, always go to HIS heart. In HIS heart there is always hope and where there is no darkness. In HIS heart , when you seek out hope with full intent and purpose, you find hope for eternity. In HIS heart is all hope, so when you say, “Please Lord, let your hope be in me” then HE will answer you and HE will place HIS hope within you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

HIS Blessings – a blog by HIS Humble Servant at https://nadeemzaigham.home.blog


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