A Life Full of Gratitude


Nothing in your life to give thanks for? You can find something.

We all have uncountable blessings if we are willing to look. However, we can get so buried in the darkness and buried in the dark times we forget to count, we forget to look, and we forget we must make an effort. What we often fail to do is appreciate what is right before us.

Living a life full of gratitude should be one of the primary tasks of your heart and soul. Living a life full of gratitude must be done with intent and with purpose. Living a life full of gratitude is not something that just happens to you. To be proactive in all godly things means you meet the darkness before the darkness meets you by being thankful.

In HIS heart from whom all blessings flow, you can always find uncountable and innumerable blessings for which you can give thanks. In HIS heart are all blessings. When you say, “Please Lord, let your blessings be in me” then HE will answer you and HE will pour out HIS blessings upon you.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

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