A Constant Hope


When you turn on your television set, you expect it to see picture and sound. When you punch in the numbers on your microwave, you expect it to cook your food. When you go to your car and turn the key in the ignition, you expect the starter to turn and the engine to rev up. We put a lot of hope and faith in our technology and inventions. All day long our time and our hopes and expectations are taken up by inventions and technology.

However, technology leaves us empty in many respects. Our hope should be in HIM our master. HE will not fail us…HE will not break down…HE will not malfunction, nor will HE ever need to be replaced. HE is our constant friend and companion.

HE is always within us giving us encouragement and vision. HE is above us sheltering us with HIS arms. HE is beneath us upholding carrying us in times of trouble and strife. HE surrounds us with HIS love, caring, and compassion. With HIM, we have a constant hope for a glorious future beyond words.

Enjoy HIS blessings & Relax!

HIS Blessings – a blog by HIS Humble Servant at https://nadeemzaigham.home.blog


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